Library Rules

  • It is required library members to carry their university ID cards around with them when getting into the library and to present them when the members are asked to do.
  • It is prohibited to get into the library with drinks in cups and food and to use tobacco products.
  • It is prohibited to talk on cell phones in the library. 
  • Library users are obligated to look after their stuff with them. Library administration may not be held responsible in cases of lost or stolen items in the library halls. 
  • It is prohibited to shoot and to take photos in the library without permission of library administration.
  • It is compulsory to present university ID card in the process of lending books. 
  • It is prohibited to take the library sources (whose borrowing processes are not completed) out of the library without permission of the library staff. It is compulsory to complete the process of borrowing for any material to be taken out of the library. The security of library collection is provided by control system of the magnetic gate. It is required to pay attention to warnings of officers when the alarm is heard. 
  • It is users' responsibility to return the borrowed sources back on time. 
  • The books taken from shelves must be left on tables, must not be tried to be shelved. 
  • Users may not enter the library before the opening time and are expected to be out of the library on the closing time. As the library automation system is shut down 15 minutes before the closing time books cannot be borrowed during that time and users are asked to leave the library. 
  • Library officers might ask users to leave the library in case of emergency. 
  • Those who have lost library materials or have damaged to them have to provide the new ones. 
  • Users may not use equipment belong to library staff without permission. 
  • Users may not copy the whole parts of the publications. It is mandatory to abide by copyright law.  
  • Users may make their requests by informing library staff about their problems, opinions and suggestions related to the library. The requests must be made in written form to be considered as formal. 
  • Library administration writes minutes for related persons in cases of inappropriate behavior, destructive practices toward the library sources and violation of the rules above. In these cases users’ library usage rights may be restricted.