ANSWER: Our university students and staff are natural members of the library. You can freely make use of our resources within the library or our off-campus access opportunities. To borrow publications, it is sufficient to present your Istinye University ID card.

ANSWER: If you have a problem while doing research, you can apply to the counter at the entrance of the library and get help from our experts. For any of your problems, you can send an e-mail to                                 

ANSWER: You can search the existing electronic resources with the keywords you type in the "Search in All Resources" field on the main page of the library.

ANSWER: You can search the library catalog or type your search parameter in the "Catalog Search" tab on our homepage.

ANSWER: All users of our university can benefit from our library with the loan system. The number of borrowings differs according to the affiliation status.

  • Academic and Administrative Staff: 10 books for 30 days,
  • Associate and Undergraduate Students: 3 books for 15 days,
  • Master and Doctorate Students: They can borrow 5 books for 30 days.

ANSWER: Users can only make transactions with their own ID cards, no transactions can be made on behalf of another person. People who do not have their university ID card with them cannot borrow library materials.

ANSWER: Periodicals cannot be borrowed, they can only be used in the library.

ANSWER: If the borrowed book has not been reserved by someone else, you can extend it for 3 times. To extend the time, you must log in to your library account. Click to access your library account.

ANSWER:  If you want a book to be reserved on your behalf, it is sufficient to enter the detail information of the book you want after logging in from the "My Library Account" field and press the "Book" button.

When the material/s you have reserved come to our library, you will receive a notification e-mail. The publication you have reserved is kept on the reservation shelf for 3 (three) days. If it is not borrowed within 3 (three) days, it will be put on the library shelf.

ANSWER: Istinye University Library Collection is organized according to the Library of Congress (LC) and National Library of Medicine (NLM) classification systems.

ANSWER: Dictionary, atlas, encyclopedia, almanacs are reference sources. Reference sources are loaned for 7 days.

ANSWER: The items in the library are delivered to the information desk of our university.

ANSWER: Daily debts for overdue items are aimed at ensuring that items are returned or replaced on time. Thus, it is ensured that more users benefit from the same resource. A daily debt of 1 TL is applied for each book.

CASH: You can pay in cash to the Communications unit with the debt slip you get from the library during working hours on weekdays. You must bring the receipt of the late payment fee to the library. If you do not bring the receipt of your payment, your late fee will not be deleted from your library account.

TRANSFER / EFT: You can pay your book delay amount by making a wire transfer / EFT transaction to the account information below.

In the explanation part: Name-Surname, Student No and "Library Debt Value" should be written.

Fibabank (TOPKAPI)


IBAN: TR37 0010 3000 0000 0034 0306 56

Do not forget to send your receipt to If you do not send it, your delay debt is not deleted from your library account.

ANSWER: If library material is lost or damaged, the user is responsible for notifying the library. Every lost and damaged material should be reported to the address For the lost book, the same or the current edition of the publication is requested from the user.

ANSWER: Students who want to work part-time in the library can apply individually to the Student Center (ÖMER) or to the e-mail address with a detailed resume (CV) sample.

ANSWER: You can access electronic journals and databases via OpenAthens for off-campus access. You can send your problems regarding off-campus access, database services, and access to electronic journals to the address

ANSWER: You can order printed and electronic books by filling out the work request form. Click for the work request form.

ANSWER: Working hours are updated on the "General Information" page.

ANSWER: For group study rooms, you can make a reservation for a minimum of two and a maximum of eight people by visiting the Information Desk, and you can use the study rooms for a period of two hours.