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Open access means that scholarly publications are directly searchable on the web, available in digital form on the internet under an open license and available for anyone to read, download, copy and distribute the material in accordance with Copyright.



All research outputs published with the address of Istinye University must be archived in the University's Institutional Academic Archive. Thus, the data of all studies belonging to the University will be accessible within the framework of copyright. Encourages researchers to actively inform about research results and inform the public about them. Encourages publishing research outputs in open access peer-reviewed journals with high impact value. Publishing the studies and research results of research groups conducted with the address of Istinye University on an open access basis increases the reliability and reproducibility of the studies as well as increased scientific communication among researchers. In addition, these academic outputs contribute to the researches carried out in different projects to reach results in a shorter time thanks to open science.

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Open educational resources (OER) refer to various forms of digital material for teaching, learning and research purposes. They are published under an open license so that you can use, share and edit the material for your own purposes. OER can include course materials, video, audio, course literature, guidebooks, course modules, portals, apps, games, learning environments or various interactive materials.

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Research data is all data produced in the process of scientific research. It ranges from quantitative measurement data, survey results, statistical findings, qualitative data such as interview transcripts, field research notes, audio and video files to software and much more. Research data should be publicly available and thus usable in the long term, provided there are no project-specific barriers.  

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Research shows that what is published in open access is disseminated faster and cited more frequently. Open access also creates opportunities for a more equitable global distribution of information resources for research results. The lists of open access journals in the first three quarters (Q1-Q2-Q3) with high journal impact worldwide can be accessed from the links below. 

  1. Web of Science Q1-Q2-Q3 open access journal list 
  2. (After logging into your JCR account, you can search by subject category using the filters on the left).
  4. Scopus Q1-Q2-Q3 open access journal list
  5. ((After logging into your Scopus account, you can search for journals by Q1-2-3, open access and subject category using the filters on the left).
  • The list of open access journals in Istinye University Library collection can be accessed from the link below. 
  1. List of open access journals in the library collection (You can access the journals by clicking on "Open Access" after searching by title or subject).
  • Open access journal lists in databases:
  1. Elsevier Open Access Journals
  2. Elsevier "Gold Open Access" Journals
  3. Wiley Open Access Journals
  4. Springer Open Access Journals
  5. BMJ Open Access Journals
  6. Oxford Academic Open Access Journals

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Open access book lists in databases


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