Donation Policy

Donation Policy

Information resources that are suitable for the purposes of İstinye University, educational and research needs, that have not lost their current or scientific character, and information resources that support researchers in social, cultural and literary terms are accepted as donations. The donation acceptance principles of Istinye University Library are as follows:

  • A list of donations to be made to the Library is requested from donaitor to be compared with the Library catalog before receiving it. If it is found to be physically and thematically suitable for the library collection, donations will be accepted.
  • Except for manuscripts and rare works in the collection to be donated, outdated materials are not accepted.
  • If the donated material is available in the library collection (excluding reserve publications), publications that are not physically clean, incomplete pages, stamped, written notes, drawn and photocopied publications cannot be accepted as donations.
  • Donations received must be clean, unmarked and well preserved/repaired, relevant to users' current and future educational/research work, and in compliance with licensing, copyright, and other conditions.
  • The library has the right to decide in which section and according to which rules it will present the donated materials to the users. The request for donations to be kept together in a private and separate room or on open shelves will not be accepted under any circumstances.
  • The library has the right to return the materials it accepts as donation or donate it to another library, if it deems appropriate.
  • Not every donation is included in the collection. The library management has the authority to decide whether to add the donation to its collection and where and how it will be placed in the library.
  • The library is not responsible for the announcement of the list of donated materials. In addition, a list of donated materials is kept.
  • If the publications given by the newspapers as incentives vary in terms of paper, printing and content, donations cannot be accepted.
  • Newspapers and publications given as promotions by newspapers are not accepted as donations.
  • In periodicals; Publications that do not provide the integrity of the volume, publications that do not provide integrity with the current collection and single issues cannot be accepted as donations.
  • Primary school, high school textbooks, duplicator, lecture notes, photocopied etc. Publications and materials showing features cannot be accepted as donations.
  • The donated publications are stamped as "Donation of…" by the Information Resources and Library Department.
  • Materials that are suitable for the library collection are taken as fixture numbers and processed for other materials and added to the collection. A letter of appreciation is sent to the donor on behalf of our University.
  • Bağış yapan kişiler; yaptıkları bağışlarla ilgili herhangi bir hak ve istekte bulunamazlar.
  • When it comes to donating a collection containing more than one material by any institution or person, Istinye University Library has the right to choose between these publications and to weed out the sources that do not comply with the publication selection principles.

How Do I Donate?

You can send your questions about donations to