Legal Use

The resources available in the library must be used in accordance with the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works No. 5846.


Academic staff, administrative staff and students of Istinye University can borrow publications from the Library. The borrowing rights of library users are arranged as follows.

User Book (Total) Period (Day) Extension
Academical Personal 10 30 3
Administrative Staff 10 30 3
PhD Student 10 30 3
Postgraduate Student 5 30 3
Undergraduate - Associate Student 3 15 3

Istinye University Library may request that any loaned publication be returned earlier than the above-mentioned times.


  • If the borrowed material has not been reserved by someone else, the loan period may be extended. The loan period of an item can be extended three (3) times by the user on the Library website.
  • Extending the return date cannot be done over the phone.
  • All books except Reserve books may be extended unless requested by other readers.
  • Each user should have their own extension process of the material brought to the library done at the Information Desk.


A user who wants to borrow a material that has been borrowed by someone else can book it on their behalf by accessing the library web page on the internet or by coming to the library from the Information Desk. Checking out the reserved item is subject to the item's return date for the user who borrowed the item. The first borrower can bring the item at or before the end of the period. However, the library cannot be held responsible if, for some reason, the user does not return the reserved material. When the reserved item is returned, an email is sent to the next user informing them that the item is on hold and can be retrieved. Reserved material returned to the library must be received from the Information Desk within three (3) days. Materials not received within this period are placed on the shelves.

Delay Charges

  • A delay fee is applied to the materials that are not brought to the library on the return date. For Reserve materials loaned for two hours, a late fee will be charged for each hour of delay. The delay fee is applied for the days when the library is open. There is no fee for public holidays and other days when the library is closed.
  • A delay fee applies to all library materials.
  • Users who have overdue books or who do not pay the late fee will not be given new books.
  • Delay fees cannot be cancelled. The staff at the Information Desk or other library staff do not have any authority regarding the cancellation or postponement of the delay fee.

Missing Materials on the Shelf

If the material is not on the shelf even though it has not been borrowed by another user, help is requested from the Information Desk. When the material is found, the reader is informed and kept at the Information Desk for 3 days.

Using Library Electronic Resources

Members of Istinye University have the right to remotely access electronic resources in accordance with their license agreements.

User Responsibilities

  • The entire responsibility of the borrowed material belongs to the user.
  • Istinye University ID cards cannot be used by anyone other than the owner for library transactions.
  • The library cannot be held responsible if, for technical or other reasons, the library cannot remind the return date via e-mail. It is the user's responsibility to return borrowed items on time.
  • Loss or damage to the borrowed material is the responsibility of the user.
  • The library provides information via corporate e-mail in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law. Users are responsible for keeping track of their corporate e-mails. The library is not responsible for undelivered mail.
  • Failure of the user to receive the delay fee note for any reason is not a valid reason for non-payment of the delay fee.
  • In cases where the borrowed material is not returned on time, the library materials are damaged, a new one is not delivered to replace the lost or damaged material, and other library rules are not followed, the user will lose the right to borrow material. The user, who compensates for the damages and solves the problems caused, regains the borrowing rights.


  • The dismissal process cannot be completed without returning the materials borrowed from the library by the academic and administrative staff who have left Istinye University.
  • Students who owe books and delay fee to the library are not required to re-register each semester, nor are they given dismissal documents.