Users who benefit from lending books service, sources available to borrow, time limits in borrowing and maximum number of publications to keep as borrowed in Istinye University Library are indicated below. 

User Category Copies (Book) Period (Day) Renewal Times
Academic Staff 10 30 3
Administative Staff 10 30 3
Phd Students 10 30 3
Postgraduate Students 5 30 3
Undergraduate - Associate Students 3 15 3



All members of the institution can benefit from the İstinye University Library.

Users who want to benefit from library can borrow, return and extend only themselves, provided that they show their identity cards.

The reserved information resource is not kept for more than 3 days. Information source that is not received within 3 days is loaned to another reader who wishes to receive it, or it is shelved.

The user, who does not bring the borrowed material on time, will not gonna take a new source by borrowing until brings back the information source.

In case the borrowed resources are lost or damaged, the user is responsible for purchasing the same resource to the library.

Our members have the right to extend 3 time for each borrowed book. The extension process is made 3 days before the return date, from the "My Loans" tab on the My Library Account page


For detailed information, send an e-mail to