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Academic Reference | Until July 3, 2022

Article Database

Academic Reference | Until July 3, 2022 Database

Academic Reference is the most comprehensive database of English resources published in China. Aim for all students and non-academics to be able to become Chinese academics. Journals, doctoral and master's theses, conferences, annuals and dictionaries contain 2.6 million full texts and 14 million English abstracts from disciplines.

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China English Academic Journals & Proceedings Database (CEJD) | Until July 3, 2022

E-Journal & Proceedings E-books

China English Academic Journals & Proceedings Database (CEJD) | Until July 3, 2022 Database

It includes 278 full-text academic e-journals and 2,617 conference proceedings e-books published in English in China.

There are e-journals in the fields of military sciences, Information Science, Literature, Education, Economics, Philosophy, Law, Basic Sciences, Architecture, Engineering and Technology, Medicine, Health Sciences, Art, Political Science, Social Sciences and Agriculture.

You can search by subject, author, institution, article title, article summary, keyword or full-text, and download full-text articles in PDF format.

It includes the English translation of academic journals and articles published in Chinese in Chinese, together with the original.


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Embase Database | Until July 19, 2022

Medical & Biomedical

Embase Database | Until July 19, 2022 Database

Embase is a biomedical database focused on drugs and pharmacology, medical devices, clinical medicine, and basic science in clinical medicine, with more than 37 million indexed records and coverage of more than 8,500 indexed peer-reviewed biomedical journals.

It contains; More than 3.5 million conference summaries, indexed from over 6,000 conferences. It provides access to nearly 3000 more currently indexed journals that can not be accessed from MEDLINE.

Organizations that recommend using Embase: Cochrane Training, EU Commission, WHO, European Medicines Agency, JBI.

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Reaxys Database | Until July 19, 2022

Pharmacy & Biomedical

Reaxys Database | Until July 19, 2022 Database

Reaxys is a highly intuitive and robust database that helps researchers cut in half the time they spend searching for relevant chemistry literature, valid compound properties and experimental procedures.

It contains; early discovery in drug development, environmental health and safety studies, materials science, target relevance data, comprehensive pharmacokinetic, toxicity and metabolic profiles.

Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry module offers the opportunity to scan by drawing with Marvin JS and ChemDraw JS, import your local files to Reaxys, and create complex research queries with Query Builder. At the same time, access link to patents from 105 patent offices and 170 IPC classes, claims and extracts of patents. It provides quick access to many critical information including experimental procedures and access to translation of abstracts, titles and claims for all non-English patents.

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