IEEE NOW Foundations & Trends Technology | Trial Access Until 30 June 2020



IEEE NOW Foundations & Trends Technology is available for trial access until 30 June 2020.

IEEE NOW Foundations & Trends Technology; provides up-to-date information on issues arising in engineering, energy, and computer science. Each title consists of a single 150-page monograph, written by researchers in the field and approved by the referee evaluation.

Features and benefits:

• Provides access to over 525 titles by adding 50+ new titles every year.

• Provides up-to-date information about developing technologies, which are written by experts in their field.

• Provides access to content in the top 10 topics of Scopus SJR.

• Serves as a supplement to textbooks with current course material.

• The most current issues; Deep Learning is Robotics and Human Computer Interaction.


Off-Campus Access: