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Clinical Views; New coronavirus (COVID-19) infection

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For Researchers
Under the Research tab, you will find the latest early-stage and peer-reviewed research on COVID-19 from journals including The Lancet and Cell Press. We have also made nearly 20,000 related articles free to access on ScienceDirect. These articles are also available to download with rights for full text and data mining, re-use and analyses for as long as needed.

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For Clinicians
Under the Clinical information tab, you will find evidence-based skill guides and care plans for treatment, safety and patient education, along with emergency prepared webinars by the CDC.

For Patients
In the Patient resources section, you can find our 3D4Medical coronavirus video, resources from the CDC and WHO, and information about Elsevier's Patient Access Program for research.

  1. Patient Education document “Novel Coronavirus Infection”
  2. Video on hand hygiene
  3. Video on pneumonia

Clinical information

JAMA podcast: Coronavirus update — Q&A with NIAID’s Anthony Fauci, MD

March 18, 2020

Diagnostic testing, NSAIDs, ACE Inhibitors, antivirals, and more. Anthony Fauci, MD from NIAID discusses latest developments in the spread and clinical management of COVID-19 and the SARS-CoV-2 virus with JAMA Editor Howard Bauchner, MD. Listen to the podcast

COVID-19 drug therapy — potential options

Two pharmacists in Elsevier's Clinical Solutions group write about potential treatment options for COVID-19. Read their paper.

More guidance

Elsevier Clinical Solutions

We've selected content from ClinicalKey, Clinical Solutions Nursing, Interprofessional Practice and Patient Education collections to share what we know to date about the novel coronavirus.

New: COVID-19 Clinical Toolkit

Freely available resources to help clinicians stay current on standardized, evidence-based practices for treating patients with COVID-19.

Clinical Overviews on ClinicalKey

Clinical Overviews are easy-to-scan clinically focused medical topic summaries designed to match the clinician workflow. Elsevier's Point-of-Care Editorial team develops Clinical Overviews through a process that includes review and revision by a medical editor; peer reviews performed by subject matter experts; a production review to ensure consistency in style, grammar, and punctuation; and a final evaluation by the editor-in-chief.

Clinical Skills for Nursing

Clinical Skills for Nursing provides the highest quality evidence for nursing practice procedures for nurses to care for patients. Our Isolation Precautions and Personal Protective Equipment checklists align with CDC and OSHA guidelines:

Interprofessional Care Plans

These Interprofessional Care Plans provide an evidence-based and individualizable Interprofessional plan of care to manage fever and the possible development of pneumonia, which is consistent with the presentation of this virus. Using an interprofessional approach to patient care that aligns current evidence with the individual needs of the patient results in improved patient care outcomes.

Patient engagement resources

Patient engagement resources use plain language to support shared decision-making between patients and healthcare providers. The goal is to deliver the right message in the right way at the time the patient is most ready to learn. The following resources provide an overview of the novel coronavirus to help patients and their families understand their risk, identify signs and symptoms, and prevent it from spreading:

We present for your information, we wish you healthy days.