Users who benefit from lending books service, sources available to borrow, time limits in borrowing and maximum number of publications to keep as borrowed in Istinye University Library are indicated below. 

User Category Copies (Book) Period (Day) Renewal Times
Academic Staff 10 30 3
Administative Staff 10 30 3
Phd Students 10 30 3
Postgraduate Students 5 30 3
Undergraduate - Associate Students 3 15 3



1- All members of institution (including academic and administrative staff, two-year degree students, graduates and postgraduates) are permitted to benefit from Istinye University Library.

2- Users who want to benefit from library knowledge sources can follow borrowing, returning and extension procedures by themselves only and on condition that presenting their ID cards. 

3- A reserved source can not be hold more than 3 days. The source that is still not received in 3 days either can be borrowed by another user or it is shelved. 

4- Reference sources and journals can only be used within the library.

5- DVDs are lent singly and for 3 days each only.

6- Any other source may not be lent to user who still didn’t return a borrowed source that is overdue. 

7- In case a user loses a source borrowed s/he must buy a new one of that for the library. 

Our members have the right to extend 3 time for each borrowed book. The extension process is made 3 days before the return date, from the My Pocket Library application or from the "My Loans" tab on the My Library Account page

For detailed information, send an e-mail to