Library Account

You can extend the term of delivery of the works you’ve borrowed, make book reservations and make requests for the books to be bought to our library by login to “Library Account” page.



Username for students: Your student number,


Username for academic and administrative staff: The username part of your e-mail address before ''

Password: Your e-mail password


Click here to log in to the library account


The return date of a book you have borrowed can be extended within the last 3 days before the return date.

Login to your Library account and you can view the books you have borrowed in the “Borrow / Return” tab.

At the bottom of the work information, "Click to extension." When you press the button, you will extend the return date of the works on you.

Please don't forget to check the current return date.


If you want to reserve a book for yourself login to your Library account, find the book in the catalogue and click on it. Lastly, click on the "Reserve" button at the bottom.


For your book requests; login to your Library account, click on the “Book Request” tab under the title “Form”. Then specify all the required information in the fields with the “x” icon in the relevant form.